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Find Individualised Carpet Cleaning in Liverpool

Book your carpet cleaning in Liverpool from a firm that tailors cleansing to the individual needs of your floor coverings. Choose Friendly Cleaners and you’ll be certain of courteous service, of course. But you’ll also be assured that there’s no risk of colour fade, shrinkage or inadequate rinsing. You’re selecting a local firm that’s valued by local residents for our careful approach to all your work.

Rug Cleaning in Liverpool to Suit Your Pocket and Your Schedule

You’ll find our prices for rug cleaning in Liverpool to be very fair. Get a free quote online through our contact form or by calling 01516730058, and book your service for any day of the week. You’re always assured of:

  • Expert cleaners – Your technicians will be fully qualified and certified to assess your pieces and select the most appropriate cleaning technique
  • Eco-friendly detergents – Prochem’s professional detergents are used for their non-toxic and superior cleaning and fibre-care properties
  • Optional stain protection or deodorising treatments – Ask about these to find out if they’ll be helpful for your carpets
  • Services for domestic and commercial clients – Carpet cleaners for your home, office, hotel, or any other premises
  • Emergency cleaning available – at Friendly Cleaners we’re generally able to offer a same-day service when your work’s urgent, just ask when you call
  • Weekend appointments available – And possible discounts when you combine carpet cleaning with other services such as upholstery cleaning
  • A range of cleaning options to suit any carpet – We provide both hot water extraction and dry cleaning

What Your Friendly Liverpool Carpet Cleaners Will Do

Once your carpet cleaners arrive to your Liverpool address they’ll work through a well-established series of steps to ensure that your cleansing gives the best possible results:

  • Assessment – Of your carpet and the staining upon it
  • Selection – Of the correct cleaning technique. This will either be hot water extraction or a dry cleaning technique
  • Vacuum cleaning – To remove loose debris and open out the pile for better penetration of the cleaning agents
  • Pre-treatment of stains and heavy traffic areas – Using a detergent chosen to match the specific situation, e.g. protein stains, wine stains, or just a lot of dirt!
  • The main cleaning treatment – Using the most appropriate technique for your piece
  • Detergent removal – In the case of hot water extraction, at this point around 95% of the water used for cleaning is removed too
  • Optional stain protection – Not suitable for every carpet, but when appropriate it will protect fabric from future spillages
  • Drying – When the hot water extraction technique is used, drying generally takes around three hours
  • Free advice on future carpet care – Your technician will advise on how you treat your carpet to maintain the longest possible lifespan

Why Friendly Cleaners in Liverpool are a Better Choice for Carpet Cleaning

You’ll get total peace of mind when you choose Friendly Cleaners Liverpool

Our customer support is second to none – Contact us online or over the phone 24/7, get an instant helpful reply to any query, and make your booking instantly without paying a deposit.

Your carpet cleaners – Are reference, CRB, and ID vetted before starting training as cleaners, and are fully trained before starting to deliver services. They’ll arrive at your home in a smart uniform, they’ll be carrying identification, and their services are covered by full insurance.

The equipment used – Is modern, well maintained, and much more powerful than anything you could buy or hire as a domestic customer. This all contributes to faster and deeper cleaning, and the effective removal of both cleansing agents and water at the end of your treatment.