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Careful Dry Cleaning in Liverpool for Delicate Fabrics

Book dry cleaning in Liverpool to cleanse delicate upholstery fabrics, shrinkable carpets, and non-colourfast materials. Be sure of the highest standards of fabric care from a firm that uses the most modern, efficient equipment.

Get Your Dry Carpet Cleaning Services in Liverpool Any Day of the Week

Request a free, no-obligation quote for dry carpet cleaning services in Liverpool 24/7 by calling 01516730058. Alternatively, use our contact form to tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll get back to you:

  • Book appointments for any day of the week – Even at the weekend or on a Bank Holiday
  • Choose a time that suits you – Flexible scheduling with appointment slots from early morning through to the evening makes it easy
  • Get cleaning for domestic or commercial needs – Dry cleaning for your lounge carpet, your office chairs, or all the mattresses in your hotel
  • Keep life simple – Use a single company for all your cleaning and access all your services online or via one central telephone number
  • Use dry cleaning as a stand alone service – Or combine it with spring cleaning, deep cleaning, or anything else on offer
  • Pay affordable prices – With possible discounts for repeat customers, or when certain services are combined
  • Get the use of your pieces back quickly – Non-water based solvents have fast drying times

Delivering the Best Dry Upholstery Cleaning

Your cleaner will work through a number of steps to make sure you get the best possible results from your dry upholstery cleaning. The exact process will vary according to the item to be cleaned.

Dry Cleaning for Sofas

  • Your piece will be tested to determine the fabric type
  • Stains are pre-treated to give a more even final result
  • A solvent is driven into the upholstery fabric under pressure to ensure deep penetration
  • Solvent and dirt are extracted at the end of the process by suction

Foam Dry Cleaning

Some fabric types will respond better to this method:

  • The upholstery fabric is vacuumed
  • A pre-conditioning spray is applied to loosen dirt
  • Dry cleaning foam is evenly applied over the piece – your technician will take care not to ‘over-wet’ the furniture
  • After around 10 minutes the foam will harden to a crystal form, this is then removed with a vacuum cleaner
  • Your sofa or chair will take approximately 1 hour to dry completely and be ready for use again

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Starts with inspection and testing of the piece to determine the most effective detergents or solvents:

  • Your carpet is hoovered
  • Stains and high traffic areas are pre-treated
  • An absorbent powder is evenly applied to the carpet or rug
  • A piece of specialist equipment with lots of tiny brushes is used to work the powder deep into the carpet pile
  • The power, along with the dust, dirt and grime attached to it is vacuum cleaned out of the carpet

How Friendly Cleaners Liverpool Assures You of Quality Workmanship

It’s all about attention to details:

Your cleaners – Are reference vetted before being accepted for employment, then trained before starting to deliver services. So you get trustworthy and reliable people who’re qualified to complete your dry cleaning in Liverpool.

The equipment used to deliver your service – Is modern and well maintained to guarantee the best possible cleaning results and superior fabric care.

The solvents and detergents used – Are specialist products designed for the industry, manufactured to be be non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and to offer deep cleaning.

Your services – Are completed under full insurance.