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Book Mattress Cleaning in Liverpool for Sweet and Restful Sleep

Get rid of stains, eliminate dust mites, and make sure that bed bugs don’t have a change to gain a foothold. Book Friendly Cleaners for mattress cleaning in Liverpool to be certain you’re sleeping in the most hygienic conditions possible. While this service offers health benefits to anyone, it’s especially beneficial for those with allergic conditions, and invaluable in properties where beds are used by serial occupants.

Find Mattress Cleaners in Liverpool Offering Wet and Dry Cleaning Options

Use our contact form or call on our 24/7 number 01516730058 to tell us what you’re looking for. Depending on the specific issues, your customer care adviser will suggest asking your Liverpool mattress cleaners to provide either a dry cleaning or hot water extraction treatment.

  • You’ll get a free quote on the cost of your service – This is provided at no obligation to you
  • Arrange an appointment that suits you – We work at weekends and even on Bank Holidays
  • Book your mattress treatment as a stand alone service – Or combine it with another service. It’s an ideal add-on to spring cleaning or carpet cleaning
  • Get discounts against our base rates – As a regular customer, when you book certain services together or ask us to clean multiple mattresses
  • Treat stained mattresses and eliminate dust mites – You or your guests will sleep more soundly
  • Extend the useful life of your mattresses – Correct care will help them stay usable for longer

Mattress Cleaning Options With Friendly Cleaners Liverpool

Friendly cleaners Liverpool will ensure you get the best sort of mattress cleaning for your needs:

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Using the technology and eco-friendly, non-toxic detergents utilised for carpet or upholstery cleaning. Hot water and detergents are driven into your mattress, and then lifted along with the dirt.

This technique may be used with mattresses that will withstand water based cleaning, and it’s the most effective choice for stain removal. Drying times vary according to the type of mattress and environmental conditions. It’s generally around 24 hours.

Dry Cleaning and Mattress Sanitising

Dry cleaning can be used on any mattress. While it’s less effective in stain removal than hot water extraction, it’s a highly effective method of destroying dust mites, removing debris, and reducing allergen load. One popular choice is UV light mattress sanitising:

  • Your technician arrives and takes the UV machine directly to your bed. There’s no need to move the mattress
  • A combination of ultra violet light, vibration and suction is used to remove debris and kill bacteria, fungal spores, mites and bugs
  • No chemicals are used, so this method is 100% non-toxic and safe
  • The process takes around 15 minutes and there’s no drying time involved, making this an ideal choice for hotels or other commercial environments

Professional Workmanship and Affordable Prices for Mattress Cleaning in Liverpool

You’ll discover that our Liverpool mattress cleaning services offer great value for money.

You’ll also have the assurance of knowing that your technicians are reference checked and receive extensive training before starting work. Your service is completed by qualified personnel, and everything is covered by comprehensive insurance.

The equipment used for mattress cleansing is modern and well maintained. In the case of hot water extraction cleaning this assures you of the fastest possible drying times, as professional grade tools remove up to 95% of the water used in the cleaning process.