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Book A Specialist Service for Oven Cleaning in Liverpool

Enjoy the pleasures of a clean cooker without the hassle, mess and time involved in doing it yourself. Call Friendly Cleaners for your Liverpool oven cleaning to get all the dirt and grease professionally scrubbed away. Use this service for any commercial or domestic cooking appliance; including gas or electric, single or double ovens, solid fuel ranges, ceramic hobs, warming ovens, and even your fridge and freezer.

Oven Cleaners in Liverpool Saving You Money as Well as Time

Get your free quote on the work of your Liverpool oven cleaners by calling 01516730058 any time or by telling us about your stove using our contact form. You’re not just booking a service that will make your kitchen look better; a clean cooker will work more efficiently too. Here are the benefits you should expect from your cooker cleaning service:

  • Pay affordable rates With discounts available when you combine cooker cleaning with something else, such as one-off cleaning
  • Cleaning appointments are available seven days a weekIncluding on Bank Holidays
  • Your cooker is completely disassembled – Allowing your cleaner to reach parts of your oven which are usually inaccessible
  • The solvents used are non-toxic and environmentally friendly – Your oven is not contaminated with nasty chemicals
  • Your food will taste fresher – The removal of old grease and baked on carbon means you’ll enjoy fresh tasting food from your oven
  • Oven cleaning reduces fire risk – Removing grease and carbon leaves you with a safer oven, as well as a more efficient one
  • Use this service for your domestic oven – And for all commercial cooking appliances too

While you have cleaners in your property, why not consider other deep cleaning for your kitchen? Or anywhere else that’s in need of some professional care and attention.

How Friendly Cleaners in Liverpool Perform Your Oven Cleaning

As with many cleaning tasks, oven cleaning in Liverpool requires a mixture of hard work, the right tools for the job, and a degree of professional know-how:

  • Your appliance is inspected before cleaning begins so that any problem areas are identified at the outset
  • Your cooker is taken to pieces – All removal components, such as control knobs, shelves, racks and filter or light covers are set aside
  • All grease, oil or carbon deposits are removed, and the main body of your oven is scrubbed
  • The removed parts are cleaned
  • The cooker is reassembled, polished and tested
  • There’s no drying or waiting time involved, your appliance will be ready for use the moment your cleaners are finished

The time required for your service will vary according to the appliance in question. A standard, single domestic oven generally takes around one hour.

Book Friendly Cleaners in Liverpool With Confidence

Be confident about your cleaners: Friendly Cleaners team members are reference and CRB vetted before starting their training period. They’ll arrive in a well maintained van, wearing a smart uniform, and they’ll always be carrying identification documents. You know exactly who you’re dealing with and you’ll know they’re trustworthy people.

Be confident about the results you’ll get: Your cleaners are qualified to use the solvents and detergents needed for your oven cleaning to their best effect.

Get the service you want, when you want it: A 24/7 customer support line makes it easy to book your cleaning, and our flexible appointment system allows you to set your work up for a time that suits your schedule.