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Spring Cleaning in Liverpool - Friendly Cleaners, Professional Standards

Book the service you need when you need it. Get your Liverpool spring cleaning done any time of the year and any day of the week. Know that you’re not tied to a contract, and that you don’t have any further obligation to anyone. But having booked this service once, you can set it up again – any time you like.

High Quality One-Off Cleaning in Liverpool is Now Easy to Arrange

Being sure of getting high standards from a cleaner you may only meet once can seem like a challenge. The Friendly Cleaners one-off cleaning service in Liverpool is designed to meet precisely this challenge. It all starts when you call us on our 24/7 customer service line 01516730058 or use our contact form to tell us about the work you’d like done:

  • You set the priorities – Simply say which rooms you’d like cleaned or which tasks you’d like focused on
  • You say how long you want your cleaners for and how many you want – We’ll advise on this based on your task list
  • Set the day and time that suits you – Cleaners are available seven days a week and booking times are flexible
  • Book just one off cleaning – Or combine it with a specialist service, maybe carpet cleaning or oven cleaning, for instance
  • Pay affordable rates for your work – With discounts for regular customers, early bird bookings, or when certain services are combined
  • Choose to provide your own cleaning supplies – Or arrange to get eco-friendly detergents provided by your cleaning team
  • Book cleaning by the hour – Your house cleaners will work hard throughout the session to get as much as possible done in the time available.

What’s Included in Your Spring Cleaning Services

Any regular or occasional cleaning tasks can be incorporated into your spring cleaning services. It’s up to you to set the list.

If you’re at your property when the cleaners arrive they’ll inspect the premises with you, confirm that your priorities haven’t changed since the booking was made, and tell you if they consider that the list is longer than the time available will allow.

Some of the jobs typically covered include:

  • Hoovering and mopping floors
  • Dusting throughout the property
  • Cleaning kitchen drawers, cabinets, appliances and cupboards
  • Cleaning behind appliances or heavy furniture – you’ll need to book two cleaners when you’d like this done so that they can move items safely
  • Sorting though food stocks, throwing away out of date items
  • Sorting wardrobes, putting heavy bedding through your washing machine
  • Cleaning bathrooms, scrubbing tiles, polishing sinks, taps and basins
  • Ironing, making beds, preparing spare rooms for guests
  • Washing up, annual cleaning of rarely used glasses, china or cutlery
  • Any other tasks that can be performed with general cleaning equipment and detergents which can be completed in the time available

Trust Friendly Cleaners Liverpool for Quality and Value

Choose Friendly Cleaners Liverpool to send your spring cleaners, and you’ll get experienced people with a professional attitude to their work. All services are completed by reference vetted individuals who work under full insurance.

Just to make sure that everything stays up to the mark, Friendly Cleaners operates an internal quality control management system. So don’t be surprised if you get a call after your appointment, just to make sure you’re happy with what’s been done.