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Water-Fed Pole Window Cleaning Now Available in Liverpool

Ladders, buckets and smears on your glass are all problems from your past when you book Friendly Cleaners for your window cleaning in Liverpool. Choose water-fed pole cleaning and your glass and frames will be cleansed using distilled water. The result is shiny windows, a great finish and, best of all, with repeated use this technique sterilises glass, meaning that your windows need cleaning less often.

Domestic and Commercial Window Cleaning in Liverpool

The water-fed pole technique is especially suitable for commercial window cleaning, including shop fronts. Eliminating ladders makes the system safer for cleaners and passers-by alike. Get a free quote on this convenient service using our contact form or by calling 24/7 to 01516730058. Benefits of this approach include:

  • Protecting your privacy – Your cleaners will work from the ground, and so don’t need to peer through your upstairs windows
  • No damage to your garden – Your window cleaning team works from a single point and won’t tramp through your flower beds
  • Suitable for windows up to the fourth floor – Above this height ask about our rope down cleaning experts
  • No detergents needed – Purified water is a powerful cleaning agent all on it’s own, so there’s no smears and no chemical run-off
  • Seven day a week services – And same-day bookings are often available
  • Use window cleaning with another service and you may pay a discounted rate – Check out our office cleaning services
  • Find all the service you need from Friendly Cleaners Liverpool – Anything from gardening services to regular or one off cleaning for your home.

What Your Window Cleaners in Liverpool Do

Your Liverpool window cleaners will arrive, set up their equipment and begin, to give you the cleanest windows in your street:

  • The water-fed pole is attached to the distilled water tank
  • Water is pumped up to the brush at the end of the pole, which is passed twice over each window
  • The first pass serves to loosen dirt, the second pass rinses it away
  • Sills and frames are cleaned at the same time as the glass, making for a much more impressive impact
  • On your request, a sticker removal service is available
  • Choose to have your external windows only cleaned, or ask your cleaners to do the inside too – they’ll use a squeegee for this

Professional Window Cleaners in Liverpool

Professionalism means giving you the highest standards of workmanship of course, but we think it goes a bit further than that:

Your cleaners – Are ID and reference vetted, and deliver all services under full insurance.

Services are easy to book – You’ll do it in a single call if you wish, and with such a range of appointment times available there’ll always be a time that suits you.

Expect your workers to arrive on-time, in a well maintained van, and to be smartly presented in uniform. Whether you’re booking services for your home or your business, your cleaners’ appearance will reflect well on you.

You’ll get your work done with a smile! The little things DO make a difference, and when you choose Friendly Cleaners Liverpool for your services you’ll get that old-fashioned courtesy that helps make your day just that little bit nicer.